Small Animal Ultrasound Scanners

Small Animal Clinic
Ultrasound Diagnosis using basic  Small Animal Ultrasound Scanners in veterinary practice

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Ultrasound scanners for Small Animal and Large animal Veterinary Clinics:

Ultrasound Echo graph machines for scanning Dog, Cat, Birds, Horses and farm animals
Companion Pet Scanners are used for external and internal anatomical regions for real time examinations for all soft tissues, functional systems of the body measuring blood flow related physiological parameters, structures of digestive system, including abdominal regions gut, gall balder, liver, spleen, etc or for cardio vascular system, Conditions and functionality of heart chanters valves for diagnosis abnormality and blockages tears, and age related issues. As well as confirming normality related to regular health assessments.

Piloter Vet Ultrasound scanner
Small Animal Veterinarian Portable Scanner

Portable and mobile scanners are used by Veterinarians for diagnostic imaging. for abdominal reproduction and heart scans for small animals diagnostic imaging for cats and dogs.

Basic scanner using micro convex and linear probes are used for general ultrasound of small and all companion pets in general. spcialists can use advanced features and Colour Doppler for more detailed blood flow and vascular investigations
Ultrasound is used For Equine Tendon imaging, breeding horses for monitoring reproduction, assessing general condition of the horse including for orthopedics, horse’s heart and abdominal ultrasound examinations.

Piloter-VET and CloverVET
Canine and Feline Abdominal Pet Scans using Sonography machines
Ultrasound scanners for veterinary clinics or veterinary hospital.
Scanner are supplied with choice of probes.
Enabling soft tissue imaging of Kidney, bladder, liver and general abdominal ultrasound imaging.
Used for scanning Cats and dogs as well as other smaller mammals.

Veterinary Applications: Abdominal and Cardiology. Scans related to urology for diagnosis of bladder prostate and kidney related diseases in animals. Pregnancy. Small animal (canine, feline) cardiology including larger breeds  e.g. Boxer,

Modes and general specifications of veterinary ultrasound Scanner:

Clover Ultrasound Scanner for veterinarians

B, B/B M Mode, Cine,
Colour Doppler CFM
Spectral ultrasound Doppler (PW)
Continues wave Doppler (CW)
B, M and PW Doppler modes with ECG
Ultrasound Probe Options:
Micro convex probe for  Cats and Dog, almost all Small animals.
Probe has good narrow foot print.
Good range of appropriate frequency.
R20 (Larger Dogs low frequency ranges micro convex)
 Eyes, spleen cat abdominal etc)
Convex (Larger Convex, Equine Abdominal, back, very large dogs)
Heart Scans
High and low frequency Phased array probe: Ideal for scanning hearts, Colour Doppler Pulse wave Doppler and continuous Doppler with ECG and Cardiac calculations for heart scans
User per-sets for applications per probe, configurable user menu and shortcuts.
Storage Patient Archive, USB and internal storage, DICOM etc.
For advance ultrasound scanners used by small animal clinic. Visit
For low cost Black and white portable and wire-less veterinary scanners click here
For Phased array probes and digital scanners please click here for new range of Cardiology Colour Doppler scanners

Equine Scanner
Linear (High and low frequency ultrahigh frequency probes.
to match requirements Applications for Tendon,