Affordable ultrasound scanner with clear and detailed user training and instructions.

Equine Tendon Ultrasound Imaging scanners.

Trial and demonstrations from Pie Data UK Ltd

Ask for Trial at your veterinary clinic

Easy to use scanners
Probes and user settings for all basic and advanced diagnostics procedures.
User interface to change parameters Manage and save as new preset
Saved images easy to review.export or backup restore studies.

Portables: Light weight battery operated and User friendly touch panels veterinary scanners to try, details and advantages useful features demonstrated

Affordable veterinary ultrasound scanners for small and large animals with….
  • Portability
  • Image quality
  • Veterinary applications related Probes
  • Veterinary applications related settings
  • User friendly Interface
  • Archive Review
  • Connectivity to DICOM transfer
  • Export for data, and images
  • Measurements
  • Fast boot-up
  • Light weight
  • Battery or mains.
  • UK based Sales and Service
  • Cost effective and affordable

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Try or purchase new Wire less Ultrasound diagnostic scanner, Ideal for hand held scanner to mobile phone scanner, infection control and for theater or clean environment areas where sharing ultrasound scanners from main departments are some times ill advised.