Ultrasound Scanners

Various types of veterinary ultrasound scanners.

Lap top/ Portable and wire-Less, Hand held ultrasound imaging scanners

Veterinary diagnostic imaging covering

Small Animals for abdominal scanning machines of small and large dogs for veterinary clinics and hospitals, cats, various domesticated animals as companion and pet animals, breeders zoo animals for conservation, education  and veterinary science.

Small animal Ultrasound Cardiology For Diagnosis and monitoring Heart conditions by cardiac examinations of cats and dogs. Measuring functionality during diastolic, and systolic, volumes, pressures and timing in relations to Electrocardiogram, ventricular size and condition of the hear muscle, blocks, weaknesses, blood volumes, electrical signals to heart,

Large Animals

Equine Reproduction

Equine Sports

Scanners for Equine Tendon, Equine Back, Equine orthopedics.
Farm animal and Equine Reproduction Scanners
Sales and service to veterinary practices in United Kingdom!

Equine back

Dairy Cow Farm animal Scanners

Pregnancy confirmations and monitoring of fetal health and growth, Imaging of Reproductive track

Fertility Problems diagnosis and treatments

AI and Fertility, OVUM, pickup,


Abdominal Scans


Ultrasound Scanner Clover
Ultrasound Scanner Clover
Large Animal reproduction pregnancy scans
Veterinary Ultrasound wise less probes with fixed adopter