Q7PocketVet Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Q7 Vet is a robust veterinary pocket ultrasound scanner built just within the probe shown below

sends real time images to smart devices by local Wireless Ultrasound Scanner.


Wireless Micro_Convex Ultrasound Probe
Micro Convex

Q7vet Scanner provides full scanning exams visible on any smart devices or a on laptop note book PC’s

Add or choose from any other ultrasound transducer array attachments to scan small or large animals animals makes it even more versatile for any veterinary practices.
interchangeable probe array sizes with small foot print provides convenient access to view anatomical structures in real time ultrasound examinations.
Applications and B M Mode Colour PW Doppler scanning formats gives wider possibilities of out of surgery, satellite clinics, emergency diagnostic examination requirements.
Mobile access to soft tissue small and large animal anatomy imaging with accurate image annotations and measurements
Each ultrasound probe interchangeable head attachment has sections of applications settings provides quick scanning presets.
As per applications attaching a each type of optional transducer head, is easily detachable to match the scanning and procedural requirements

Large Animal Reproduction Equine and Bovine veterinary including farm animal pregnancy scans
Large animal abdominal scans
Equine Back
Small Animal Abdominal scan for general small animal abdominal scans for cats and dogs.
All with single wireless ultrasound probe

Choose from any single removable attachment individually or combined.
Contact Pie Data to purchase small neat little ultrasound scanner for mobile and point of care veterinary and veterinary emergency applications.
No large areas to s

tore, weight to carry or provide power cables too!


Equine reproduction obtained by Wifi reproduction probe On an Ipad
Veterinary investigations using pocket size ultrasound,

Ultrasound scanning any where in or away from the clinic, or no mains or internet well away from populated areas
Single charge operation with type-C USB connections to ultrasound probe handle is all there is to required.

Provides wide range of Ultrasound scanning with range of removable ultrasound transducer attachments

Q7 Attachments
New large animal reproduction veterinary transducer for equine or bovine reproduction probe attachment is now available







internal battery operation four hours or more. Local wireless connection to chosen display type, no external network required at the location during scanning.

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