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Equine Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner for tendon and reproduction Pie
PiloterVet Equine or Small Animals Scanner

d scanner Piloter Vet is very easy to use, move, clean and easy to carry ultrasound machine.

Range of probes and usage or mounting options ideal for highly mobile or even within confined space. Light weight yet advanced touch screen intuitive user interface allows friendly human operation, more diagnostic work and less work for interpreting machine keyboard symbols!

Piloter Ultrasound Scanner
Piloter Ultrasound Scanner Clinic or On site examination and diagnosis.

With responsive user interface for Ultrasound imaging, Piloter Veterinary scanner provides range of veterinary applications. Soft-tissue anatomical and muscular imaging as well as blood flow using spectral Doppler Ultrasound imaging is easily performed. Real time images of abdominal, for equine reproduction, tendon and abdominal imaging. Or abdominal and heart imaging for small animal veterinary clinics. With available ultrasound probe range, avian, zoo and farm animal scans for specialist breeding and reproduction scans can easily performed. With light weight and portability. Detailed diagnostic imaging using B, M Doppler, Colour and optional CW provides clear real time imaging. Features of with battery and mains, quick boot up time, scan scroll images, annotations comment save still image, or moving file is logically programmed. easy to access and manage archive for records and imaging history with images and data savings with easy to use send export facilities including user’s own report. Full USB, network, and DICOM as well as an optional cloud connectivity. Piloter is very easy to use within multi user environment.

Piloter Vet ultrasound scanner can be used for detailed veterinary diagnostic imaging, easy to use interface provides user preferred applications settings per probe, allows review, send save scanned images, can change use for shared veterinary services and applications with available options of wide band high and low frequency probe range. Piloter meets daily changing and challenges of veterinary imaging and busy routine scanning requirements.

Piloter veterinary scanner Ultrasound designed for small and large animal Veterinary diagnostic imaging, Mare’s fertility scanning, equine health reproduction and tendon. Piloter Vet Scanner provides easy to manage review scans and patient details,  as well as to transfer or backup images to meet connectivity and records keeping. IDEAL for equine or small animal veterinary scans.

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Logical controls workflow, designed with human operators in mind, image access locked to patient records. measurements and calculations, Ultrasound Portability, Ultrasound Probes and US imaging applications, including user preference Ultrasound applications presets. fast boot and sleep functions for quick local location changes, are time saving features.

Piloter Vet Scanner Portrait or landscape Touch screen ultrasound scanner
Piloter Vet Ultrasound Scanners desk stand,Cart or Carry case truly mobile or Portable Scans within or away from Clinic.

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