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equine tendon stand-off

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equine tendon stand-off

Ultrasound Stand-off

Ultrasound Stand-off

Ultrasound probe stand-off pads provides additional contact, gel containment within curved anatomical structures with limited surface for contact. Traditionally stand-off were used on linear probes with less than 10MHz ultrasound transducers to bring near filed images in focus areas by creating delay in ultrasound signals as an acoustic wave guide. Higher frequency ultrasound probes provides improvement yet for requirements of better contact on curves purposes veterinarians prefer to use stand-off. General instructions for use stand-off ultrasound pads. Prepare the area to be examined (Tendon) May need to remove body hair. Cleaning with alcohol to remove oil clean the area with warm water to remove lessened dirt dead skin etc Ally good amount of ultrasound scanning gel. Should be used with good quality ultrasound transmission gel inside the stand-off Insert the stand-off on the contact/array part of the transducer fully. Avoid drop, pull cable or contact of probe head with dirt sharp edges etc. Care of stand-off Materials of stand-off has improved over the years however…. If possible, should be kept clean free of dust and infection. If possible, should be kept dry avoid alcohol for longevity. Avoid strong chemicals. Friction with un-clipped strong hair, without use of sufficient gel will damage contact surface of the stand-off. Excessive shear force,or strong sunlight may cause damage to break it during use. For correct stand-off shape of the probe is determined by model name of the probe please call +441293510231 for the correct version to match with your probe type and make/model.ultrasound_stand-off