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Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanners


Ultrasound Scanner for most veterinary applications with HD ultrasound transducers. Excellence in Image quality, easy to manage presets Optimisation and quick controls for fine image resolution, echo penetration and contrast Choice of probes to match veterinary applications Simple image archive review and export and backup functions Excellent Patient management Connectivity to USB, and DICOM Two probe connectors as standard All B M and Colour and power Doppler modes Advanced Cardiology packages with CW, ECG and matching performance probes Informative keyboard controls ultrasound scanner software with easy to manage and optimise probe aware presets. Comfortable to carry or use on stationary cart, quick controls to to save measure annotate and view saved Image with applications usage linked logical features, Equine Sports and riding ambulatory veterinary services or Small animals¬† applications Portable Ultrasound unit to meet mobility and high performance. [caption id="attachment_187" align="alignnone" width="229"]Tendon Imaging on Clover Ultrasound Scanner Tendon Imaging[/caption]   Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging Applications Equine Tendon Imaging Equine back injections Stifle examinations Equine abdominal scans Equine chest /heart examinations Equine lung scans/plural fusion Guided injections and treatment therapies Equine Reproduction and fertility scans. Fertility and reproductions OPU specialists and species protection breeding organistaions. Small animal Abdominal Ultrasound scans Small animal pregnancy Scans for veterinarians Small animal soft tissue diagnostic imaging Small animal cardiology For Training United kingdom Demonstrations and trials call 01293510231