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Ultrasound Tendon imaging requires excellent superficial and deep imaging. Easy annotations for labeling, frequent image reviews for users. During and whilst storing images for records, as well as for transfer to PACS with confidence. Light weight Pie Data scanners with HD high frequency electronic probes, easy to use US parameters and store user presets, friendly archive and reporting. advantage having multiple connectors. or quick change probe heads. Excellent Image Portability and Choice of probes. Call Pie Data for Advanced Ultrasound Scanners with proven track records for perfect combinations of features and applications. Affordable prices ask for demonstrations of our full range of veterinary products.

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Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanners


Ultrasound Scanner for most veterinary applications with HD ultrasound transducers. Excellence in Image quality, easy to manage presets Optimisation and quick controls for fine image resolution, echo penetration and contrast Choice of probes to match veterinary applications Simple image archive review and export and backup functions Excellent Patient management Connectivity to USB, and DICOM Two probe connectors as standard All B M and Colour and power Doppler modes Advanced Cardiology packages with CW, ECG and matching performance probes Informative keyboard controls ultrasound scanner software with easy to manage and optimise probe aware presets. Comfortable to carry or use on stationary cart, quick controls to to save measure annotate and view saved Image with applications usage linked logical features, Equine Sports and riding ambulatory veterinary services or Small animals  applications Portable Ultrasound unit to meet mobility and high performance. [caption id="attachment_187" align="alignnone" width="229"]Tendon Imaging on Clover Ultrasound Scanner Tendon Imaging[/caption]   Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging Applications Equine Tendon Imaging Equine back injections Stifle examinations Equine abdominal scans Equine chest /heart examinations Equine lung scans/plural fusion Guided injections and treatment therapies Equine Reproduction and fertility scans. Fertility and reproductions OPU specialists and species protection breeding organistaions. Small animal Abdominal Ultrasound scans Small animal pregnancy Scans for veterinarians Small animal soft tissue diagnostic imaging Small animal cardiology For Training United kingdom Demonstrations and trials call 01293510231  

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Various types of veterinary ultrasound scanners. Lap top/ Portable and wire-Less, Hand held ultrasound imaging scanners Veterinary diagnostic imaging covering Small Animals for abdominal scanning machines of small and large dogs for veterinary clinics and hospitals, cats, various domesticated animals as companion and pet animals, breeders zoo animals for conservation, education  and veterinary science. Small animal Ultrasound Cardiology For Diagnosis and monitoring Heart conditions by cardiac examinations of cats and dogs. Measuring functionality during diastolic, and systolic, volumes, pressures and timing in relations to Electrocardiogram, ventricular size and condition of the hear muscle, blocks, weaknesses, blood volumes, electrical signals to heart, Large Animals Equine Reproduction Equine Sports Scanners for Equine Tendon, Equine Back, Equine orthopedics. Farm animal and Equine Reproduction Scanners Sales and service to veterinary practices in United Kingdom! Equine back Dairy Cow Farm animal Scanners Pregnancy confirmations and monitoring of fetal health and growth, Imaging of Reproductive track Fertility Problems diagnosis and treatments AI and Fertility, OVUM, pickup, Lameness Abdominal Scans S9L [caption id="attachment_172" align="alignright" width="135"]Ultrasound Scanner Clover Ultrasound Scanner Clover[/caption] [caption id="attachment_139" align="alignleft" width="61"]Large Animal reproduction pregnancy scans Veterinary Ultrasound wise less probes with fixed adopter[/caption] [caption id="attachment_33" align="alignright" width="213"]c5-vet1 Portables[/caption]

Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanners


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equine tendon stand-off

Ultrasound Stand-off

Ultrasound Stand-off

Ultrasound probe stand-off pads provides additional contact, gel containment within curved anatomical structures with limited surface for contact. Traditionally stand-off were used on linear probes with less than 10MHz ultrasound transducers to bring near filed images in focus areas by creating delay in ultrasound signals as an acoustic wave guide. Higher frequency ultrasound probes provides improvement yet for requirements of better contact on curves purposes veterinarians prefer to use stand-off. General instructions for use stand-off ultrasound pads. Prepare the area to be examined (Tendon) May need to remove body hair. Cleaning with alcohol to remove oil clean the area with warm water to remove lessened dirt dead skin etc Ally good amount of ultrasound scanning gel. Should be used with good quality ultrasound transmission gel inside the stand-off Insert the stand-off on the contact/array part of the transducer fully. Avoid drop, pull cable or contact of probe head with dirt sharp edges etc. Care of stand-off Materials of stand-off has improved over the years however…. If possible, should be kept clean free of dust and infection. If possible, should be kept dry avoid alcohol for longevity. Avoid strong chemicals. Friction with un-clipped strong hair, without use of sufficient gel will damage contact surface of the stand-off. Excessive shear force,or strong sunlight may cause damage to break it during use. For correct stand-off shape of the probe is determined by model name of the probe please call +441293510231 for the correct version to match with your probe type and make/model.ultrasound_stand-off

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