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Digital Ultrasonography is a technology used same as ship’s underwater sound and returning echo based radar providing information by reflective sound waves. None invasive and invasive anatomical investigations of soft tissue imaging of internal structures can be performed , for structural comparisons with normal, as well as functional dynamics size and textured conditions, provides diagnostic information. Detail methodical scans on equine tendon and ligaments can be performed, using ultrasound sonography imaging, used for fibre pattern, calcification, echogenicity showing grey pattern to skilful eyes with measurements and comparisons looking for injuries, provides detailed information for performance and health of any Horse. Similarly other anatomical structures for any animal’s general health condition or to investigate detailed reasons for observed abnormalities.
On reproduction side, Ultrasound scans provide management of mare or cow’s fertility and reproductive track foetal growth stages and development at vital stages can also be monitored by providing detailed examination of pregnant female’s health information to skilled veterinarians.
Investigations of equine back, liver and abdomen, foal small animal abdomen pelvic region and reproduction as well as urinary system can also be examined. Dynamics of cardio vascular system to investigate heart and vascularity within ligaments or vital organs using cardiac ultrasonography by specialist cardiologists by veterinary clinics. Range of veterinary hospitals, institutes and specialists visiting veterinarians are using ultrasound scanning machines provided by Pie Data UK ltd since 1980’s or even earlier since the innovation of this technique.