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Clover veterinary Ultrasound Scanner is for most veterinary applications with HD ultrasound transducers.
Excellence in Image quality, easy to manage presets
Optimisation and quick controls for fine image resolution, echo penetration and contrast
Choice of probes to match veterinary applications
Simple image archive review and export and backup functions
Excellent Patient management
Connectivity to USB, and DICOM
Two probe connectors as standard
All B M and Colour and power Doppler modes
Advanced Cardiology packages with CW, ECG and matching performance probes
Informative keyboard controls ultrasound scanner software with easy to manage and optimise probe aware presets.
Comfortable to carry or use on stationary cart, quick controls to to save measure annotate and view saved Image with applications usage linked logical features,
Equine Sports and riding ambulatory veterinary services or Small animals  applications Portable Ultrasound unit to meet mobility and high performance.
Veterinary Ultrasound Machines, Equipment and consumables Sales and Service in United Kingdom

Clovervet Ultrasound is for veterinary ultrasound applications with light weight makes excellent portable and cart based laptop style echo scanner

Animal scanning applications include almost all types of animal with range of probes including equine, small animal

Probes available for for scanning all soft tissue imaging like abdomen, tendon, equine back, reproduction, heart, muscle, urinary system, eyes, and ultrasound guided procedures for almost all types of small animals

See extensive experience and range of ultrasound scanner products veterinary profession related equipment

UK onsite trials are available to purchase or lease book a trial

Clovervet is an excellent ultrasound machine for veterinary imaging
Tendon Imaging on Clover Ultrasound Scanner
Tendon Imaging

Veterinary Ultrasound Imaging Applications Equine Tendon Imaging, Equine back injections,Stifle examinations Equine abdominal scans, Equine chest /heart examinations Equine lung scans/plural fusion, Guided injections and treatment therapies,Equine Reproduction and fertility scans. Fertility and reproductions OPU specialists and species protection breeding organistaions. Small animal Abdominal Ultrasound scans
Small animal pregnancy Scans for veterinarians
Small animal soft tissue diagnostic imaging
Small animal cardiology

For United kingdom veterinary Ultrasound scanner Training, Machine Demonstrations and trials call 01293510231

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Piloter Vet – Pie Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Piloter Vet – Pie Veterinary Ultrasound Machines, Equipment and consumables Sales and Service in United Kingdom Pie Veterinary Ultrasound Machines, Equipment and consumables Sales and Service in United Kingdom PiloterVet. Portable veterinary ultrasoun

Equine Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner for tendon and reproduction Pie
PiloterVet Equine or Small Animals Scanner

d scanner Piloter Vet is very easy to use, move, clean and easy to carry ultrasound machine.

Range of probes and usage or mounting options ideal for highly mobile or even within confined space. Light weight yet advanced touch screen intuitive user interface allows friendly human operation, more diagnostic work and less work for interpreting machine keyboard symbols!

Piloter Ultrasound Scanner
Piloter Ultrasound Scanner Clinic or On site examination and diagnosis.

With responsive user interface for Ultrasound imaging, Piloter Veterinary scanner provides range of veterinary applications. Soft-tissue anatomical and muscular imaging as well as blood flow using spectral Doppler Ultrasound imaging is easily performed. Real time images of abdominal, for equine reproduction, tendon and abdominal imaging. Or abdominal and heart imaging for small animal veterinary clinics. With available ultrasound probe range, avian, zoo and farm animal scans for specialist breeding and reproduction scans can easily performed. With light weight and portability. Detailed diagnostic imaging using B, M Doppler, Colour and optional CW provides clear real time imaging. Features of with battery and mains, quick boot up time, scan scroll images, annotations comment save still image, or moving file is logically programmed. easy to access and manage archive for records and imaging history with images and data savings with easy to use send export facilities including user’s own report. Full USB, network, and DICOM as well as an optional cloud connectivity. Piloter is very easy to use within multi user environment.

Piloter Vet ultrasound scanner can be used for detailed veterinary diagnostic imaging, easy to use interface provides user preferred applications settings per probe, allows review, send save scanned images, can change use for shared veterinary services and applications with available options of wide band high and low frequency probe range. Piloter meets daily changing and challenges of veterinary imaging and busy routine scanning requirements.

Piloter veterinary scanner Ultrasound designed for small and large animal Veterinary diagnostic imaging, Mare’s fertility scanning, equine health reproduction and tendon. Piloter Vet Scanner provides easy to manage review scans and patient details,  as well as to transfer or backup images to meet connectivity and records keeping. IDEAL for equine or small animal veterinary scans.

For Ultrasound demonstrations and trial Call 01293510231

Logical controls workflow, designed with human operators in mind, image access locked to patient records. measurements and calculations, Ultrasound Portability, Ultrasound Probes and US imaging applications, including user preference Ultrasound applications presets. fast boot and sleep functions for quick local location changes, are time saving features.

Piloter Vet Scanner Portrait or landscape Touch screen ultrasound scanner
Piloter Vet Ultrasound Scanners desk stand,Cart or Carry case truly mobile or Portable Scans within or away from Clinic.
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Veterinary Ultrasound Scanners Portable, Laptop, Touchpad and hand heald scanners

Digital Ultrasonography Using portable ultrasound machines from Pie Data UK Ltd

Digital Ultrasonography is a technology used same as ship’s underwater sound and returning echo based radar providing information by reflective sound waves. None invasive and invasive anatomical investigations of soft tissue imaging of internal structures can be performed , for structural comparisons with normal, as well as functional dynamics size and textured conditions, provides diagnostic information. Detail methodical scans on equine tendon and ligaments can be performed, using Digital ultrasound sonography imaging, used for fiber pattern, calcification, echogenicity showing grey pattern to skillful eyes with measurements and comparisons looking for injuries, provides detailed information for performance and health of any Horse. Similarly other anatomical structures for any animal’s general health condition or to investigate detailed reasons for observed abnormalities.

On reproduction side, Ultrasound scans provide management of mare or cow’s fertility and reproductive track fetal growth stages and development at vital stages can also be monitored by providing detailed examination of pregnant female’s health information to skilled veterinarians.

Investigations of equine back, liver and abdomen, foal small animal abdomen pelvic region and reproduction as well as urinary system can also be examined. Dynamics of cardio vascular system to investigate heart and vascular functions within heart valve ligaments or vital organs using cardiac ultrasonography by specialist cardiologists by veterinary clinics. Range of veterinary hospitals, institutes and specialists visiting veterinarians are using ultrasound scanning machines provided by Pie Data UK ltd since 1980’s or even earlier since the innovation of this technique.

Small animal Ultrasound Cardiology For Diagnosis and monitoring Heart conditions by cardiac examinations of cats and dogs. Measuring functionality during diastolic, and systolic, volumes, pressures and timing in relations to Electrocardiogram, ventricular size and condition of the hear muscle, blocks, weaknesses, blood volumes, electrical signals to heart,

Large Animals

Equine Reproduction

Equine Sports

Scanners for Equine Tendon, Equine Back, Equine orthopedics.
Farm animal and Equine Reproduction Scanners
Sales and service to veterinary practices in United Kingdom!

Equine back

Dairy Cow Farm animal Scanners

Pregnancy confirmations and monitoring of fetal health and growth, Imaging of Reproductive track

Fertility Problems diagnosis and treatments

AI and Fertility, OVUM, pickup,


Abdominal Scans


Ultrasound Scanner Clover
Ultrasound Scanner Clover
Large Animal reproduction pregnancy scans
Farm Animal Ultrasound wire less probes with fixed adopter

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Stand-off for Tendon scans during ultrasound examinations of horse

Ultrasound probe stand-off

ULTRASOUND SCANNING Pads provides additional contact, gel containment within curved anatomical structures with limited surface for contact. Traditionally stand-off were used on linear probes with less than 10MHz ultrasound transducers to bring near filed images in focus areas by creating delay in ultrasound signals as an acoustic wave guide. Higher frequency ultrasound probes provides improvement yet for requirements of better contact on curves purposes veterinarians prefer to use stand-off.

Ultrasound Stand-off -Ultrasound equine tendon probe PieData Pie Veterinary Ultrasound Machines, veterinary equipment and consumables Sales and Service in United Kingdom

  • Contact Pie Data

Applications for stand-off are for Equine Tendon, Equine Sports, Equine Back various general and detail Equine Orthopedic diagnostic investigations in superficial regions using middle to high frequency probe

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S9 Vet Dairy Cow Farm Animal Reproduction Ultrasound Scanner

Ideal for cow breeding veterinarians and practices

S9 easy to use and display images on mobile tablet or Head mount displays.

Robust/Optional Colour Doppler/
Dairy Cow reproduction scanner with excellent image quality

S9Vet is a waterproof fixed probe wire-less ultrasound scanner

With connectivity to your own mobile smart devices like Phones.

Ideal for wet areas with ingress protection easy to clean and operate.

long battery operation to support workload and daily routines.

Optional Display attachments to scan large animals using head mount display.

Connects by wire-less without interne or GPS requirements to most smart devices like mobile phones or tablet.
Image Settings to provide grid or measurements accurate image visualization and size within ultrasound areas.

Choose from any fixed attachment for providing farm animal veterinary services.

Dairy cow reproduction scanners.
No large areas to store, weight to carry or no requirements to have power cables
Can easily used for scanning cows in wet areas for safer scanning operations too!

Large animal ultrasound Scanner.

Farmanimal veterinary scanning services requiring only robust reproduction scanner configurations.
choice includes liner, reproduction or a curved reproduction convex, both fixed external probe adopter

S10 Colour Doppler version
Bovine Scanner Waterproof   Wire-Less

Equine/ Bovine large animal/Farm animal
Reproduction using wireless ultrasound imaging.
Barns without mains or internet, safely perform scans in well populated areas by large animal
No cables other than the probe.
Long single charge operation with type-C USB fixed probe connections to ultrasound probe.
Battery operation for full days expected workloads in a busy farm animal veterinary practice.

If required probe useful button controls

Optional attachments

e.g. Display HolsterDisplay hoster

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Experienced supplier of ovum pick-up devices since 1980’s.

Scanners and probes for Fertility specialists clinics and OPU service for equine and bovine breeding
Applications of reproduction and conservation of Large farm animal breeds and zoo animals.
For educational and research departments assisted fertility treatments
OPU probe and narrow width slid guide adopters for fertility and reproduction.
Built for cost effectiveness, stability and robust handling.
Variations of long and short needle options available.
Can also used for serious cases of Equine twins management.
Easy to remove needle guide sets and to keep procedure clean.
Supplied with solid carry case, two sets of external removable metal guides and adopters.
Ask for details Tel:+441293510231

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