Pie Data Ultrasound scanner supplier
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Home | Contact | Mobile | Medical Ultrasound | Veterinary Ultrasound | Copy Right © | Privacy | Cookies | Terms | Site map

 ISO Accredited Company suppying ultrasound Pie-Data(U.K.) Ltd Consumables

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Liver, Gall Bladder and Biliary Tract

The liver is located within the intrathoracic portion of the abdominal cavity and lies to the left and right of the median plane. The normal appearance of the liver is of a uniform echo pattern, coarser in appearance than the spleen. The diaphragm is a curved hyperechoic line at the far edges of the liver. The gall bladder is anechoic with distal acoustic enhancement. Some abnormal conditions seen when scanning include, hepatomegaly, hepatic lipidosis and cirrhosis, focal lesions (cysts, haematomas, abscesses and hepatomas), neoplasia and metastases and vascular abnormalities (portosystemic shunts, hypertension, congestion, portal vein thrombosis and arteriovenous fistula). Diseases of the gall bladder and biliary tract to be seen when scanning are, sludge and cholelithiasis, tract obstruction, thickening of the gall bladder wall, mucocele and tract rupture.

Liver, Gall Bladder and Biliary Tract

Liver and diaphragm Ultrasound Image of gall bladder and liver